My Own project

Today we will begin to decide what you will do for your own project
Your project must be completed within 10 classroom lessons.  
You may work in groups with a maximum of four people.
You need to design a project that will either help people or help the local environment.Today you will complete a slideshow with ideas for your project 
Create a blog post with your ideas
Your post must include:
My project is ... It will help... The equipment i need to do this.... My first step will be.....
Hint I will look at the blog posts to decide what a equipment to get.  You must do this part.

Reflecting on our Projects

Today we will be making a blog post about our first two PBL topics.

You need to
Describe what your aim wasthe materials or program you usedWhat worked wellWhat you learnt or need to changeIf possible include a screen shot or photo of your work

The game website is found.....
The aim of the stop disaster game is to........
When I first played the game...
The things i changed once i had played the game once was.....
I learnt the best way to protect the people was to....
I placed the school....

Emergency Prepartion

What would you take with you in an emergency?

Identify 8 things you would take with you in an emergency.

Create a mind map showing your choices and the reasons

Safe Water

Your task today is to find out about water pollution and how we can design a safe water filtering system

Investigate different homemade watering systems  - which one will you make? Or  -do you have a new design idea?
The task sheet for these activities is in your Google Drive.

Our First Design Challenge

You may work in groups of maximum 3All groups must remain in the classroom today.The designs must be free standingYou need to take 5 photos during constructionUpload one photo to the comments of this blog and comment on one design difficulty

What is PBL?

So what this module about?
We are all members of the Grey High community, the Greymouth or West Coast community, Digital Worldwide community and the Global community.

In this module we will explore Local and Global issues and will be exploring what makes a good citizen in all of these different communities.
In the next seven weeks we will be doing this by using project based learning.

Initially we will do some class activities together, where you will look at world or local issues and learn about these.  You may be asked to play some online games, watch video on an issue, design a solution, and then making something.  

So really, PBL is the act of learning through identifying a real-world problem and developing its solution.

In the last few weeks you get to choose your own project, with some guidelines around available equipment and safety.  You should be aiming to create something that is useful or solves a problem. Hopefully in this module you will be engaged, get to design and build and …